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What if all we need to master is self love?

How do we heal?


“No one else can heal you, the way you heal yourself. That is your special magic.” /Buddha

There are as many ways to heal as there are souls on the planet. Since we all have walked different paths, we are all given a very individual path to heal through. And what I have found is that we are lead onto that path the minute we decide that we want to heal with all of our being.

Our path to healing is highly personal and individual and it can not be organized or regulated to fit everyone. And everyone will have to enter through their own personal door that means we all have to inquire into our own pain and suffering to find that personal path.

So that means that there is no recipe or complete formula healing. There is no path, no method, no tool that works the same for everyone, but there are some common denominators to what leads to healing ourselves, even if our paths and the methods we are guided to use look different. 

Healing can happen in an instant, in a millisecond or it can happen over time through a conscious journey within.  I have experienced both and our path most likely consists both of miracles and and dedicated work. I have come to understand that the path of healing include these ingredients:

We heal through:

  • At some level creating awareness through raw honesty around what is actually going on
  • Taking responsibility for our own experience and our own healing
  • Facing our emotions head on and diving into them
  • Healing and letting go of our traumatic core beliefs around victimhood, powerlessness, worthlessness and loss by inquiring into and letting go of our story
  • Forgiveness, sometimes radical forgiveness and compassion
  • Releasing our identification with our pain and our wounds
  • Peeling off the layers of who and what we are not, the created self to reunite with our true self and letting go of what doesn’t serve us
  • Returning to self love and self acceptance

The healing methods I have been guided to through my own journey have all fit in perfectly with my path throughout the different cycles of my journey. They have all come my way in divine timing, even the ones that lead me astray. They have all helped me deepen my relationship with myself. Even if I have later decided to abandon them.

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” Buddha

I have found that, despite the differences that the methods that I use have, they all share some common ingredients that seem to be what breaks through to our own healing. Generally they all use our emotions as gateways to what is really going on and to what is the core issue. And they all aim to neutralize the past through understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion in order to returns to love.

More specifically what I’ve found with all of them is that they have all asked for my truth and brutal honesty in order to create true awareness. To dare to see the truth of what we are experiencing takes us a long way. Further they have all asked of me to dive into my emotions and to have them lead me inwards. They have all also shown me different ways to include and connect to my body and the heart, both of which have the ability to really reveal the truth that my mind is trying  to avoid. The truth that the mind loves to cover up but that the body never can lie about.

In different ways, they have all guided me to get in touch with the memories and the different size traumas stored within me, both my own and the ones inherited. I have then been given the opportunity to feel, experience and clear out all the blocked emotions that have not previously been expressed to make room for healing.

Clearing out what is stored in our bodies as cell memories is vital to loosen the emotional blocks that have us live in the past. And we do this by having our emotions “burn through us”, by clarifying and clearing out what decisions and beliefs we bought into at the time and that no longer serve us.

I have always in different ways, always been given a chance to gain deep understanding of the larger picture of the trauma, the teaching, the deeper truth and the connections in my healing processes.

Forgiveness, acceptance and compassion both for myself and those involved have then lead me to inner peace and light. From there, it has been easy to let go, leave, move on and release what no longer serve me.

When we heal in this way our identity is actually changes since our point of reference is altered and through that our entire belief system. And from there are thoughts and emotions has to follow the new order of non-beliefs. When we dare to hang around in a space of non-beliefs we are directly connected to the infinite possibilities of the universe. All the methods I have studied and used have touched on these parts in one way or another.

In terms of the tools or approaches that we choose to try and use in order to take the next step in life, I believe the goal should be to eventually be able to experience the freedom we seek without them. If we end up in a situation where we do not believe we can live without the tools/methods we need to realize that we once again have ended up in fear. Our tool has become a crutch.

As I see it, the intention we are invited to have is to not be “attached” to anything, not even to what may have saved us. We must be prepared to let go of that too. Whether it’s an idea, a teacher, a guru, an insight, a perspective, an attitude, a label, a lifestyle or a healing tool.

You can uncover your own essence or inner diamond, clear out your issues and complete your journey of healing. Each and every person is capable of doing so.” / Brandon Bays

Healing ourselves takes trust and courage. Patience and compassion. As we set out on our healing journey and explore different paths, inner listening becomes incredibly important. If we learn to listen inward very early on, we will be guided forward according to our own personal and divine healing plan.

We are then led onto a path where we don’t compare and measure ourselves with others and to a path that is especially designed for us. To check in with ourselves along the way will give us an indication of where we are heading. What’s right as we start out can change as we change and to stay very close to our inner compass is vital.

Some paths are not meant for us and some can actually be harmful. There are many huge egos even within the sphere of healers and spiritual guides and the methods they advocate. It is important to find paths that resonate with where we are right now but still challenge us to try what lies outside of our comfort zones.

This is where prayer has been really helpful for me. Especially after some experiences of losing myself to what had me lose myself to teachings that were not in line with my truth for some time. Now I pray to be guided to the highest and best support that I will benefit best right now. I also ask to be protected from whatever is not for the highest and best. A prayer can be as simple as this and we don’t have to know to who we are praying. We can set our intention and direct our focus by simply expressing:

  • Thank you for guiding me to my divinely perfect healing path. Thank you for protecting me from what is not for my highest and best. 

I have tried and lived with all the methods I mention below, during periods of time and they have all become a piece of my own healing puzzle. Over the years I have learned to be creative with the different teachings and methods that I have been guided to. I have learned to combine them and I have modified or updated them to make them my own. I have simplified them as my knowledge and my insights about myself and the mechanisms of the methods have become clearer. All of them are today a part of the whole and make up my personal tools that lead me back to joy and love when at times I forget who I really am. Constantly. Again and again.

  • The journey: Created by Brandon Bays. Deep emotional process work that is designed to clear out cell memories through forgiveness.
  • The Healing Code: Presented by Alexander Lloyd. A combination of prayer/intention with activating points on the head that clear up trauma and blockages in the energy field.
  • Ancestral Clearing: Presented by John Newton. Clearing ancestral lineages from trauma and limiting perceptions through tapping into blocked energies through sensations in the body using prayer and forgiveness.
  • Ho’oponopono: Traditional Hawaiian healing method that uses a simple prayer and clears blockages based on that idea that what lives in me lives in you.
  • Breathwork: Deep breathing techniques that release stored emotions and traumas in the body and energy field.
  • NPA: Presented by Joel Young. A simple healing method that changes our perspective to what we are experiencing through a non-personal perspective.
  • The Sedona Method: Created by Hale Dwoskin. Learning to art of letting go of thoughts, emotions and experiences through a set of questions.
  • EFT: A tapping technique that helps rid the body of blocks and limitations in combination with acceptance and love.
  • Core Work by Emmanuel Dagher. A combination of quantum physics, energy healing and powerful questions to transcend the root cause to any imbalance.
  • Shamanic paths to Healing

“Healing comes in waves and maybe today the wave hits the rocks and that’s ok, that’s ok darling. You are still healing, you are still healing.” Ijeoma Umebinyuo

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