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Accra day one

In February this year I found myself on a flight heading for Ghana with only one thought in mind. To find and bring back as many beautiful pieces of fabric as I possibly could carry.

My driver and guide from Miss Ghana Taxi, a taxi company with only women drivers that I highly recommend, had laid out the route and already the next day we covered a large part of Accra’s beautiful fabric shops. One of our first stops was Batik Queen that is found by the roadside in the heart of Osu. I already knew the high quality of the fabrics found here from a friend who used to live in Accra a few years back. The pieces I had bought of her had sold in no time in my small shop over the summer. So I was back for more. And I was blown away… This shop is a bit more pricey compared to the what you find in markets and other shops. The fabrics are quite heavy and thick and suitable for interior decoration.


Our next stop of the day was Esthers Batik, just behind Oxford Street.

Esther offers the most intricate and unique patterns you can think of. They are bit softer and thinner so more suitable for garments. The shop also provides a sewing service and has a small showroom close by where the sweetest person you can think of take your measurements and make your clothes to very reasonable prices. Highly recommend visiting this sweet shop on the corner close to the recommended Buka Restaurant.


Our last stop of they day. Woodin on Oxford Street. High quality fabric made with great creativity, blending traditional patterns with modern African fashion. The fabrics are mainly for clothes and fashion but I can really see these amazing pieces in a home.


The day ended with a walk around Osu as the sun was setting behind the haze from Harmattan ending up getting the best pedicure ever…

Love Accra. So impressed by the beautiful people, such grace, such kindness. Such cool people.




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