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Accra day two

On day two in Accra, our first stop was the Makola Market. It wasn’t market day but still, the amount of people selling whatever, wherever was overwhelming. So far we had been quite protected from the street life of this capitol but now we were thrown right into it. Our first stop was for beads… small stalls selling the a huge variety of local beads, glass beads, natural beads, shiny beads… all put together with beautiful handicraft.


Next we were guided into the inner parts of the market, small winding alleys with small shop-spaces on all sides where anything could be found. I could not resist some brown on brown and blue on blue waxed prints that I thought would make beautiful table cloths for the Swedish summer, even if here they were mostly turned into clothes. I found some commercially made Kente Weaves just for fun, but they of course were nowhere near the real thing that is hand woven by masters that has passed the tradition down the family lines.




We made our way through the crowd to the GTP shop on the corner. But however beautiful and well made these more typical Ghanian prints from GTP, Woodin among others were, I could not make myself buy any of them. Instead we were escorted across the street to a shop,  that is selling beautiful batik and tie dies. Stacks of it. Many, many gorgeous pieces got to follow me home.



The heat and the intensity of this was getting to us so we took a break in local restaurant and had a bowl of Jallof Rice. The afternoon was spent wandering around the market learning about the funeral traditions and the clothes worn depending on the age of the deceased. Anyone under 70 is honoured by the mourning by wearing black clothes and anyone over 70 is celebrated by their loved ones by wearing white. I found some more waxed prints in the sea of fabrics that were overflowing some parts of the market. On our way to Labadi Beach to feel the ocean for the first  time we passed James Town, the old part that the city originates from. Happy back at the hotel with a heavy bag of fabrics with still some time left of the day to wander up and down Oxfort Street, take another peek in the Woodin Shop and soak up the atmosphere of this somehow laid back city. Love it.

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