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Beyond Accra

Already the next day I got on the plane and after a short time in the air I landed in Takoradi. I had been in contact with an Eco Lodge through Workaway and was invited to come an volunteer for a few weeks. My job was going to be working with interior decoration updating their guest huts.

I was picked up by Bobo, a small man with a big smile and soon we were driving out of Takoradi to go further west along the coast. After Agona we passed the rubber plant and turned off onto a red dusty road. The villages got smaller and smaller. The tropical forest came closer and closer and after a while all there was all around, were rubber trees. We passed the village Three Points on the right as we took our last turn onto the road that took me to the lodge Escape Three Points.

Paradise. Simple huts made from raffia and bamboo were scattered under the almond trees a bit up from the beach. I was greeted by a member of the many local staff and taken to my small room at the back of the grounds. A hard tall bed, a mosquito net, a small table and the jungle on the other side of the raffia wall. A composting toilet and huge bucket of water and a scoop as a shower. This was going to be my home for the next tree weeks. I got out f my dusty clothes and ran down to the ocean. The powerful waves were warm and soothing, the air was hazy from Harmattan, and the sand under my feet was superhot. I was already in love.




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