Involution: The path to self mastery through self love. 


“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” / Lao Tzu

In medical terms, involution means: Programmed cell death without environmental damage. This happens for example when old red blood cells are replaced with new ones. Or when a uterus returns to its original form after child birth.

Involution is also talked about in the process of human spiritual development and our path to mastering ourselves. Often in these contexts we learn that something has to die to make way for something new, or that something returns to its original form. “the inner path of the human soul to the self” (Meher Baba)

Throughout my own journey, I have come to realize that the path to self-mastery when it’s the most revolutionary, is about peeling off the layers of what we are not in order to access the true self. It is a process of self-dismantling and letting go of what no longer serve our truth and higher purpose.

In other words it’s a process of returning to what we once were before we were told what we should be. It is about returning to what we were before we started believing in what society, our family, our culture or our own distorted perceptions and our conditioned inner self-talk told us to be. Before we became what was expected of us to be or what we imagined we had to be in this world.

In our original form, we already have access to everything and we are in touch with everything. To set out on a quest to return to that state can be a rather radical process. Especially if we have for a long time, strongly identified ourselves with our social, cultural and professional roles, our drama, our ego and our pain. Our story.

The journey within involves daring to inquire into what shaped us and to dare to question everything we have identified ourselves with: our origin, our beliefs, our religion, our upbringing, our identity, our belonging, our personality, our perceptions, our relationships, our way of life and even our dreams. But also to dare to let go of the pain and the traumas that we so often cling to because we don’t know who we are without them. Personal and spiritual realization is to a great extent about going through a process of “personal liquidation”.

The journey of involution is about daring to take the risk of losing ourselves and all of what we know that to be to create a life of freedom and joy, healthy growth and true development. A life where we operate from our true potential and use our God given gifts to move the world.

Going through this journey of involution can guide us to living life more authentically by making us deeply aware of ourselves and our path. If we dare to inquire into each step of this journey with honesty and dedication, it can help us release suffering and end repetitive destructive patterns that are holding us back from living a life of truth.

When I saw this model, I understood that I had been guided along this journey without realizing it. I understood that something that often had felt like fumbling around in the dark had had some sort of cyclical structure after all. My own search, that I often had experienced to be mainly about following my longing and getting away from pain, had some sort of pattern laid out that had been repeating itself throughout my path. A path that was made up from the different cycles of growth that I had gone through. A pattern that had consciously and un-conscioulsy been driven and guided by the message I knew to be true of every great teacher: “Go within, discover your invisible higher self and know God as the love that is within you”.

Waking up to our true self can take a millisecond or an entire eternity and everything in between. I have experienced both. But the path to awakening to our true selves is never linear. Instead it is a process that slowly or quickly moves forward and upward in a spiral. Where frustrating repetitions of what we need to understand at a deeper level gives depth to our wisdom that lead us further into the next cycle.
So while I say that the journey inward can not be organized and regulated because of this, there is however a clear pattern behind it which in a strange way lives its own life through us. An organized chaos if you will.

Perhaps this model of Involution will illustrate that this chaos has some kind of direction after all and that we are guided by both a conscious and an unconscious process towards our inevitable awakening. Weather we are aware of it or not. And maybe by looking more closely at this model, can we be helped to understand what we have been through, where we are, and where we are going. Perhaps it may help us to walk on our path a little more aware and awake, with a little more patience and reflection. Perhaps it may help us direct more compassion towards ourselves and others as to where we are at the moment. Maybe it will make us dare to take the next step with a bit more trust.

I really feel that this model lives its own life through us, but I also think that we can cooperate consciously with it in different ways by making ourselves aware of it. By daring to dive into it, by daring to explore it, daring to let ourselves be led by it and daring to let go of our resistance to it. To see it as a practice that moves us towards that state of self-love that ultimately has the potential to transform all areas of our lives.


1. Self-Unawareness: What I do not see and what needs to be visible.

2. Self-Awareness: What I now see. What is here.
3. Self-Exploration: What has shaped me and my life experience. What lead me here.                                                                                                  4. Self-Discovery: What I have become                                                        5. Self-Understanding: Connecting the dots
6. Self-Love: How I transform my insights and pain into deep self-love. Where I heal. 
7. Self-Transformation: How the love for myself transforms my life experience.
8. Self-Mastery: How the transformation of my life experience leads to self-mastery.

I have found that connecting to self love is the most transformative step in this process. Why? Because when we connect to our true selves through self love we  honor the infinite intelligence that created us. And when we honor that, we are in that moment intimately connected to that intelligence that has the power to transform and create anything.

In my coaching we go deeply in to all the stages one after the other, starting where you are. Along the way you will be given tools for life so you can take yourself through your cycles of development on your own leading you back to self love and self mastery. Again and again. Read more under Working with Sofie.

“For a star to be born there is one thing that must happen, a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse, crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.” /N.T.