Working with Sofie

“The journey to self-realization can be as pleasant as a stroll through a fragrant garden or as arduous as scaling a steep mountainside. It’s all a question of our willingness to surrender to the truth of ourselves.” /Sara Robinson


Working with me is all about finding your way back to self love. That’s it. We don’t set or reach goals, we don’t achieve, we don’t get better, we don’t strive for change. But we do fall back in love with ourselves and have that love transform our lives.

If you feel called to work with me, you are asked to go deep. I am not going to pretend otherwise. Because I believe you can and because I know that going deep will clear out the stuff that is holding you back from living a life of true satisfaction and happiness. But depth can be obtained with ease and joy, so don’t worry.

If you sign up to work with me we will start by you remembering how to reconnect with your heart at a very deep level. The heart, the part of you that is connected to the truth of who you are. The part that remembers. We will start by building a strong relationship with the part of you that will be your best support on this journey.

Along the way I will be giving you teachings and tools on how to relate to your thoughts in a healthy way and how to best take care of and be with your emotions. This so that you will feel safe to move through this process no matter what comes up.

I will then set you up for transformation and healing in a soft and compassionate way that has all parts of you working in the same direction. We will talk about Self Responsibility, Compassion, Divine Perfection and other supportive perspectives for your onward journey.

Along the way we will explore and learn about the functions of the mind, the subconscious mind and the ego. We will gain insight into the different ego constructs according to The Enneagram and how we have set up the game to get the love we imagine that we are missing. We will also spend time throughout our time together healing the wounds of self abandonment and lack of self love using loving and gentle and tailored methods of healing.

The Journey of Involution follows the following steps. Each step has its specific exercises, tools, guided introspections and meditations that will guide you through the different stages of your cyclical journey:

  1. Self-Unawareness: We clarify the now by being brutally honest about what is going on.
  2. Self-Awareness:  We practice being aware of ourselves, our body, our self talk and our inner world through silence, deep inner listening and self inquiry. 
  3. Self-Exploration: We inquire into our story to find clues to what shaped us and what once made us abandon ourselves and self-love. 
  4. Self-Discovery: We discover ourselves and create a clear picture of who we have become. We clarify what serves us and what doesn’t. 
  5. Self-Understanding: We direct deep understanding and acceptance towards all of ourselves, our past and present in order to let go of what needs to be let go of. 
  6. Self-Love: We reconnect to self love through deep understanding and acceptance. We integrate the fragmented wounded parts of ourselves. We heal. 
  7. Self-Transformation: We step into the mysterious alchemic process of deep self-transformation through loving ourselves unconditionally. 
  8. Self-Mastering: We operate fully from self-love and we learn how to master all aspects of our life experience by being reconnected with our higher true self. 

Real, lasting transformation takes time. Our time together will be divided into 1-3 hour sessions until you have arrived at a place where your transformation moves you to a new life experience. In between the sessions there will be home play, self-study and real life practice.

I work in Swedish and English and mainly via Skype since I travel extensively. Inquire for prices and other details.

“You can’t hide from your own shit, you can’t sleep it off. You can’t surgically remove it. You can’t eat, buy, wish, exercise it away. You have to turn towards it. Look it in the eyes. Be patient and so f*cking tender. The get intimate with it until it shows you another way, a different you.” /Tanya Marcul